Saturday, January 31, 2009

itunes and another run at a visa

I can't decide if I love itunes or hate it. I miss Grey's Anatomy but don't yet have a TV. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as a cheap TV here. I have NOT seen anything but flat screens, so we decided we'd buy furniture to sit on first and then curtains for a little bit of privacy, and THEN TV. It has actually been kind of nice to get Grace out on the playground instead of sitting in front of the boob tube, but I have missed a few of my favorite programs. Grey's being one of them. I decided I'd go on and see if I could download the show, NOPE! You have to actually be in the US to use that function. Bummer...

So on to itunes. I purchased the few episodes available that I had not yet seen and then added a couple of shows for Grace including Dora and Babar. Well, I don't know if it is itunes or the lovely connection we have to the internet, but it took about 6 hours to download Dora - why I tortured myself twice (once to download and then again to watch the darn thing), I just don't know.

Now I'm sitting on the HARD tile floor in the computer room because all the chairs are taken (we should have internet in the apartment within a week - supposedly - I'm not holding my breath) and trying to get itunes to download the next Grey's. It keeps quitting for some reason. My cheeks are numb and ankles sore, but I refuse to give in and let the computer win. I will watch my crappy show and enjoy it! OK, it still has 2 hours to download, no 88 minutes, no 2 hours and my tush is starting to go beyond numb and into hurting. I can't really stay down here for two hours. Not if I'm going to get any sleep at all.

On another (and much more important) note, I may not have to go to work here after all. I probably will do some substitute teaching and I may consider working in a year or two, but I would really prefer to stay home until the little man is at least one, preferably three and in school. J went into HR and they said we should be able to get Mom's visa done if we get certain documents translated into Arabic and show that I have a permanent visa. We'll see. Rules here are more written in sand than stone. It all depends on to whom you are talking and who you are with at the moment. Apparently being a women alone can be an advantage in places that have lines. Hmmm... It is a balance between needing J to be there since he's the one employed and being better taken care of if we don't have him around - WEIRD.

Oh! itunes says only 12 more minutes. Maybe I'll make it if it doesn't crash again! I hope I didn't jinx it by putting it down in writing.


  1. Hi Lois,
    I hope you get a TV real soon. It's such a bummer that you can't watch online. I remember this from when I was in London. Can you see if gives you access? I was just thinking, will Grace and Will be learning Arabic? I think that will be really cute! Can't wait to see more pics on your blog!

    - From Nikky - (Babydust to SS)

  2. HI Lois,
    We are keeping our fingers crossed that your Mom can get her visa. This has all certainly been a hassle for you. Hope things are all going well. As for missing Grey's Anatomy that would be pretty hard.Hope you figure out an easier way. Good luck with everything.