Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to my blog

At the request of friends and family I'm starting a blog about my adventure.  I arrived in Abu Dhabi 4 days ago and I'm not sure how I feel about anything at the moment.  Since this is a public site you won't see me naming names.  Email me if you get confused and if I actually know you, then I'll try to answer any questions.  

Last spring my husband found out he may be laid off from his job as an airline pilot.  The timing wasn't great because I was nearly ready to have our second child, but it could have been worse.  I was able to have the baby before the lay off notices came out.   My first child, a daughter, has been really amazing through everything.  Becoming a big sister, having Daddy GONE for nearly 3 months (over Christmas no less), and moving across the world.  

My husband looked into jobs all over the world and, in fact, took the first job offered.  Not long after,  he left for training in Abu Dhabi.  He left me to pack and rent out the house, sell, store or ship our belongings including two cars while taking care of two children under four.  

I would be in the psych ward if it were not for my mother dropping everything to join us on this adventure and my friends and neighbors pitching in to make it happen.

Things seem to happen either ridiculously fast or slow.  There is no in between.  We got our tickets finalized the day before leaving.  We got our visas the day we left.  It has all been crazy.

The following two posts are from the emails which prompted my friends and family to bug me into this blog.  

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