Sunday, January 18, 2009


I had Pizza Hut for dinner last night. It was pretty good, but I would have preferred to cook myself a meal. Unfortunately, without gas the stove (AKA cooker here) is pretty much useless. We had an appointment with the "gas man" to come between 2 and 5PM. At 4:47 after the gas man didn't answer his phone, I decided to find the number for the Pizza Hut that delivers here. For 73 dirham you can get two medium pizzas and a slice of cheesecake. Not a bad deal (3.67 dirham to a dollar).

At 8AM I called the gas man and... he answered! Woo Hoo! Even better he said he'd come today at 1PM. Wouldn't that be nice. I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Grace is staying home again from school today. I don't think her teacher would want to deal with her, umm... toilet issues...

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