Saturday, January 17, 2009

Abu Dhabi Jan 14& 15

Back from another crazy day of shopping. Went to IKEA and got
stuff and ordered stuff. I got my bucket arm chair to sit in. We got
laundry hampers, shower curtains, room curtains and enough stuff to
fill a cart. We're having 3 shelving units delivered along with a
mattress pad to cushion my side of the bruiser of a firm mattress that
my dear hubby (DH) picked.

OMG! It's the 15th. We had the stove, washer and dryer delivered and
installed today. Simple right? Wrong! The stove is gorgeous, too
bad I still can't use it. That's right, we have a gas line, but we
need someone to hook it up. The good news is that we're finally doing
a load of laundry. The bad news is that tomorrow starts the weekend
so it will be Sunday the 18th before someone can hook up the stove. I
think the last time I cooked a meal was about the 5th or 6th. I just
want to have a home cooked meal, nothing fancy, just spaghetti or

DH is out trying to find a hardware store that will sell him anchors
for the concrete walls so he can hang the curtains.  I'm really looking forward to knowing where things can be purchased and even more driving myself there.  I can't drive our car until I have a UAE drivers license.  I can't get a drivers license until I get my permanent residency.  I can't get my permanent residency until I get my blood test.  I can't get my blood test until I drive down to the clinic, but I don't have a drivers license!  I guess I'll will wait until my DH is available to drive me, not that I can shop by myself until I get a bank card in my name...

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