Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well for the second day in a row, I'm up at 4AM.  The baby keeps waking up with a snotty nose, so congested that he can't eat and fall back to sleep.  So we keep taking showers at 3AM to get his nose clear enough to eat.  It worked last night, and were were getting back to sleep by now.  Of course it couldn't work two nights in a row.  He's able to breath, but he's wide awake...

The good news is that he's now asleep in his own bed.  The bad news is that is is 5Am and I'm wide awake.  

I've decided I need a comfortable chair to sit in.  The dining room chairs are OK, but not not really designed for nursing a baby and those are the ONLY chairs we currently own.  Oh, I'm forgetting the highchair.  Maybe I can convince my husband and mother to spend money on one of those IKEA bucket armchairs. 

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