Sunday, January 25, 2009

Abu Dhabi Mommy

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  1. I love reading how things are going but I would really like to talk with you. Will you be able to get phone calls ever? I miss you guys! Bummer about Mom - I hope you get it appealed. Hey, can you tell me the name of the pool you took Grace to in Aurora with a zero entry? Just wanted to take kids for a swim!

  2. Stacey! I'm not sure if we'll ever get a land line, but I can email you my cell phone number. It just might be super expensive to call. I've used Skype a couple of times, and that will become MUCH easier once we get the internet IN our apartment.

    The pool was The Trails Rec Center near the corner of Buckley and Orchard. It was worth the $7 or so entry fee.

  3. If you need your diploma, you can probably contact your school via email and for a fee they'll send you a copy of your completion.