Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm feeling very liberated since I got my drivers license today. Why should it make any difference if J was willing to drive me pretty much where ever and whenever I wanted? I guess it just relieves the guilt. I have been wanting to get a manicure, but who really wants to ask their husband to not only watch the children, but drive me to the salon (or saloon as some people around here call them) and then pick me up. Who wants to drag their husband through the mall and stop to look at belts (yes I forgot to pack a belt and I don't have any coming in our shipment either).

My first trip behind the wheel was uneventful. It wasn't a big deal as long as J was there to navigate. So I ventured out to Carrefour with just Little Bean. I got there without incident, and had a grand time of browsing the aisle without worrying about anyone else. Coming home, however, I missed the exit. As I was figuring that out, I blew past the next exit. By the time I figured out I really needed to turn around I ended up on a road that didn't turn around, but sent me half way to Dubai (OK more like a quarter of the way) before I could get back to my exit. It's a learning process. It would be nice if things were labeled better, but it is probably easier than driving in Boston. Of course some of the drivers here would terrify any Bostonian. Lanes, rules, speeds all seem to be optional. There are very few left turns and LOTS of roundabouts. So you can see where you want to be, but you just can't get there. J pointed out the Facilities department building he was trying to get to before we arrived and noted that you can only get to it if you are going in the right direction and know where to take the unmarked exit...

I guess I better become an expert on the local landmarks quickly.

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  1. funny...as I started reading this entry, I thought 'sounds like Boston'! and then you made that point...even harder than Boston driving! Well, good for you...you are adjusting well!!